Apartment Reviews for Copper Falls Apartments in Glendale

4.6 | 15 Reviews

5151 N 95th Avenue, Glendale, AZ, 85305
(623) 218-6600


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Just moved in a couple days ago and let me tell y‚??all, the ladies in the office are amazing! Once you walk into the office they greet you and make you feel welcomed. From my experience, I was able to tell that they wanted to help and that they are very genuine. Unlike some leasing offices that make you fell unwanted and like you‚??re bothering them but here it‚??s different. If you‚??re looking for an apartment make sure you ask for Kristal.

Love this place!! Thank you so much Georgia and Liz are awesome!!!

Amazing complex me and my gf have lived here over 2 months and haven‚??t had a problem. Staff is very friendly and professional and funny. No car noises after dark. I don‚??t know what everyone else is getting from lol. Maybe they have super hearing or something xD Lovely pool with an amazing hot tub with a fire place next to it! And it‚??s luxury for sure so if you can‚??t afford and read the lease agreement you shouldn‚??t be complaining in my opinion because it‚??s 25$ so if you think that‚??s a lot you obviously shouldn‚??t live here.

Copper falls exceeded my expectations from the moment I walked through the central courtyard. I knew it was going to be worth it. It‚??s got a friendly community vibe and don‚??t get me started on the pool area. It‚??s so great to relax in after a long day at work or from the AZ heat. Management is also extremely helpful! Everything is in great quality and I have yet to have any issues with the appliances at my apartment at all. They definitely deserve a positive review and a BIG thanks for making this place the best!

I've lived on this property for a few months now and it is amazing the staff is always so helpful! I love the dog park and the kids playground its kid friendly and feels very safe with everything being gated off. I live on the first floor and I don't ever have a problem with hearing anyone above me and the valet trash is great.

Georgia, Liz and Levi did a great job getting me moved into my new apartment. Liz found me the perfect apartment that met the needs of my family and Levi helped me get familiar with everything Copper Falls has to offer. I‚??m so proud to call Copper Falls home.

The whole team is great I specifically worked with Liz and she did amazing. I had no hassle moving in. The property is clean amenities are great, neighbors are friendly. We enjoy it here and recommend it.

I‚??ve been living here for a little while now and let me say this , Copper Falls is an amazing place to live . Sometimes the car wash noise can be a little loud but the place I live and the way it looks is worth it . I‚??ve lived in worse apartments but by far Copper Fall has a great staff who truly are there to help and make life easier especially through a tough pandemic . I would recommend this place to anyone . It has wonderful staff , has amazing amenities , and has a peaceful environment ū??Źū??ć‚??

Well, My lease was up today and this was my last day at Copper falls, and I must say.. I am so sad to leave, these are by far the nicest apartments I‚??ve seen in awhile, I‚??m so Glad I stood here, I highly recommend living here, the entire staff is very Professional. But Ive always dealt with Levi, he really is the best! Other than that.. trust me, you‚??ll love living here, I know I did :) Thanks Copper falls!

Perfect ū???ū?ŹĹ best amenities in AZ by far!! Swimming pool and real actual Gym. No way you can find such a great complex.

Great property....clean and attractive !!!